Why You Should Care About Keeping Your Donors

We spend a lot of time, energy, effort and money to acquire a donor.  But somewhere between 70% to 80% of first-time donors NEVER make a second gift, multiple studies confirm.  In the commercial world, a 70-80% loss rate would say one thing loud and clear: new customers aren’t falling in love with us. Something’s wrong.

Plymouth University Researcher and Professor, Dr. Adrian Sargeant shares this insight: “Even small improvements in the level of attrition can generate significantly larger improvements in the lifetime value of the fundraising database. A 10% improvement in attrition can yield up to a 200% increase in projected value, as significantly more donors upgrade their giving, give in multiple ways, recommend others and ultimately perhaps, pledge a planned gift to the organization.”

Have a look at this summary of what you can do to keep donors.


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